Losing motivation? Not feeling supported? 


Motivation and determination can feel elusive.  When life presents too many demands we sometimes feel like giving up, avoiding or ignoring our responsibilities.  Even enjoyable activities can seem burdensome if we are feeling overwhelmed.  

The task of turning the impossible into the possible can often be a matter of changing our perspective.  Exploring your own skills, values and wisdom with a therapist can help you see challenges in a different light.  It's important to discover what motivates and inspires you, and it's fun to practice or "try-out" these skills to create the circumstances you want.  

The quality of our relationships affects our motivation and confidence as well.  Satisfying relationships often require attention and cultivation.  They require a healthy awareness of our own needs, and a willingness to compromise.  Even with our best efforts, relationships sometimes don't provide us with what we need, but in therapy you can learn to focus your efforts to create relationships that provide validation, inspiration and joy.